Everyday, Representative Michlewitz holds a variety of meetings and attends numerous events as part of his role as your state representative.  

This section allows you to find out when we're holding office as well as schedule an appointment with Aaron or invite him to your event.

You can invite Aaron to attend an event or request a meeting by phone, mail or e-mail.

When making a scheduling request, please include the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the individual or organization hosting the event
  • Date and time of the event or suggested date and time
  • Background information about the event
  • Event location
  • Approximate number of people planning to attend
  • Will Aaron need tickets?
  • Is the Aaron expected to speak? For how long?
  • If you are requesting a congratulatory greeting (citation, resolution, letter), please provide details.

Submit a Scheduling Request by Phone

(617) 722-2220

Submit a Scheduling Request by Mail

Representative Aaron Michlewitz
State House, Room 254
Boston, MA 02133

Submit a Scheduling Request by E-Mail

Please visit our Contact Page to submit your request by email