Representative Michlewitz 2017-2018 Legislative Proposals

Legislative Proposals for 2017-2018 Session

This session, I have filed twenty four (24) pieces of legislation, here are a few highlights and priorities I will be focusing on the next two years:

1) Short-Term Residential Rentals

  • Directs short-term rentals to be registered with State & City
  • Three Different categories of Hosts who rent out units for short-term use:
    • Residential Hosts
      • Unit must be the host’s primary residence.
      • Cannot rent out unit more than 60 days per year.
    • Commercial Hosts
      • Hosts who rent out units for more than 60 days per year and/or rent out multiple units for short-term rental usage.
    • Professionally Managed Hosts
      • Business entities (Corporate housing and other similar renters) or individuals that have a rental management system in place to oversee the properties.
      • Units offered for rent must be for a minimum of 5 nights or more.
  • Mandates that rentals be up to code on fire/electrical/safety matters
  • Rentals would have to pay State and local taxes
  • Bill also mandates rentals have a minimum of $1,000,000 of liability insurance

2) Preventing Wage theft and Promote Employer Accountability

  • Helps protect workers from wage theft and unfair subcontractor practices
  • Would make contractors/subcontractors/outsources legally responsible for any labor violations. Current law can leave this in doubt
  • Legislation being worked on with AFL-CIO and other labor unions

3) Gun Control Measures

  • First bill would allow police to search premises for weapons when they are called to the scene of a domestic violence disturbance and seize them if weapon would threaten the safety of the victim.
  • Second bill would have State create a Gun Offender Registry List that would be available for the public to see. Similar to Sex Offender Registry List

4) Better regulations concerning Sex Offenders

  • First bill would instruct Department of Public Safety to formulate a plan for proper discharges of level 3 sex offenders to homeless shelters.
  • Second bill would clarify how sex offenders register with local police, mandating that they check in within 30 days of being released from custody.

5) Car Rental Fees

  • Exempts Boston and Cambridge residents and those customers renting from car sharing organizations from paying the surcharge on rental cars that goes to the Boston Convention Center.

6) Tunnel Safety

  • Would require the state to access and report the amount of insurance listed and the amount of insurance required for all privately owned tunnels in the state.

7) Traffic Violations

  • Strengthens penalties for vehicles, bicycles, or mopeds that do not fully stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks when they have the right of way

8) Fines for License Violations

  • Currently Licensing Board has no means of assessing businesses with purely financial penalties
  • Legislation would allow Licensing Board to level financial fines on businesses while retaining all other penalties at their disposal
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